EAPC Poster Awards

One of the core events of the EAPC congress – the poster exhibition – allows the many faces of palliative care to be shared, as selected abstracts from all disciplines of palliative care, from research to implementation to challenges and solutions, are presented by colleagues from all over the world. The poster exhibition offers a platform to see and discuss achievements, ideas and developments with the stakeholders face-to-face.
For this congress, we received more than 1230 abstracts from across the globe, with a high standard. Competition was therefore very strong. All abstracts were independently reviewed and scored by three different experts in the field, blinded to the submitting author(s) and institution. The Scientific Committee reviewed the abstracts and scores, and selected those for inclusion in the congress programme. Many of the abstract submitted as “poster only”
scored as high or higher than the oral/poster abstracts. This is a terrific tribute to the work
underway in palliative care.
This year, to allow delegates more time to consider the top scoring posters, the Scientific Committee decided to award the Poster Awards to the three highest scoring poster abstracts. They are:

PA-1 Analysis of Determinants of Impaired Role Functioning Across Prevalent Cancers
Antoniu S.A. (Romania), Albu E. (Romania), Scripcaru A. (Romania), Munteanu E. (Romania),
Petrasescu V. (Romania), Ailiesei L. (Romania), Miron L. (Romania)

PA-2 Survival Time after Diagnosis of Terminal Illness: A Nation-wide Danish Cohort Study
Bell C. (Denmark), Kjærgaard Nielsen M. (Denmark), Bonde Jensen A. (Denmark)

PA-3 Family Cohesion after Losing a Parent to Cancer as a Teenager and Long-term Health and Wellbeing
Birgisdóttir D. (Sweden), Fürst C.J. (Sweden), Nyberg T. (Sweden), Bylund Grenklo T.

These three posters will be exhibited on both Friday 8th and Saturday 9th May, on the prominent EAPC Poster Award boards. The Poster Awards will be presented to the winners during the afternoon plenary session on 8th May.